Priya stops the spread

Priya, is a feminist  superhero in an augmented reality comic book. She already has half a million online followers among youth around the world. She flies on a tiger, tackling gender based violence globally. She has fought rapists ( Priya’s Shakti), acid violence ( Priya’s mirror), & sex-trafficking (Priya and the Lost Girls). You can download a free copy of the comic Priya and The Lost Girl by clicking here.

Apne Aap, the founder of 1 Million Meals is also one of the main collaborators in the Priya Stories. It now plans to put Priya’s popularity to use to create awareness among youth to join a global movement to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Through 8 comic panels, we will educate youth on


Social Distancing


Hand washing


Masking up



We are looking for partners to spread awareness of this campaign. Please email us at or if you are interested.

Join the Movement @apneaap
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