1 Million Meal Values

Send Money. Give Now

These are the values that guide our work.

1. Recipients first.

We prioritize recipient preferences over those of donors or ourselves.

We do not impose our preferences, or judgments, on the beneficiaries; instead we respect and empower them to make their own choices, on what food they want and when. This value is core to 1 Million Meals’ identity as the first organization exclusively devoted to putting the women in control of their lives. Our food distribution takes away power from the pimps and sugar daddies.

2. Team next.

Our team is built ground up. We have community mobilisers, often survivors of sex-trafficking themselves, living in the red-light areas, who identify the beneficiaries. They work with our logistics teams in India to build partnerships with local government for safe distribution. The logistics team reports in how the food was distributed to our managers in Kolkata and New York.

3. We listen.

We say what we believe, and we listen.

We decide how and what food to distribute by paying close attention to on the ground information that often comes in as text messages on the phone.

4. Give with Dignity

We strive to give the meals or the food rations keeping in mind the dignity of the beneficiary.

Our work is hard, practically and emotionally, and we cannot overemphasize the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, enjoying the company of our colleagues, and treating those who get the meals as equals, who are trapped in an unequal situation.

5. Think in detail, Act Fast.

We know that when someone is hungry they need food fast.

We do some research and analysis, create a system and don’t overthink our decisions,.We decide and act quickly, avoiding delays in getting the food out.

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